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Date: Sun 4 Sep 2011
Source: China Daily [edited] 

The dean and party secretary of the animal medical school at Northeast
Agricultural University, Northeast China's Heilongjiang province, have
been removed from their positions due to a group of staff and studentsbeing infected by a serious disease through the department's
laboratory, China Youth Daily reported on Sat 3 Sep 2011.

Earlier this year [2011], 27 students and a teacher were found
infected with brucellosis, an infectious disease which can lead to
significant incapacitation. They were sent to a local hospital for
treatment. One student, a senior at the application technology
department of the university, suffered from joint pain, fatigue,
sweating and a high fever in January 2011. The symptoms were later
diagnosed as brucellosis.

"It was all due to the university's negligence that we were infected,"
he said. The senior student and another 29 students did a sheep
anatomy experiment in a lab of the animal medical department on 19 Dec
2010. "The lab's equipment was in disarray, and the whole environment
was unsanitary where we conducted the anatomy," the senior student

[Byline: Lu Yanyu]


[The mode of transmission here is unclear, but to have an attack rate
of over 90 percent suggests that aerosolization occurred during the
dissection. The manifestations of brucellosis are protean but are not
mentioned in any detail. Additionally, how the infections were
diagnosed is not clear. - Mod.LL]

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