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Date: Sat 5 May 2012
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With national attention fixed on the dramatic upswing in the number of
Lyme disease cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey [see ProMed-mail
post Lyme disease - USA: (PA,NJ) increased incidence
20120423.1111304], little attention has been focused on New York
State. Yet, the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control
reveals that New York ranks third in the nation in the number of
reported cases. 357 cases of Lyme disease have been diagnosed in New
York through the report's cutoff data of April 28 [2012,
The CDC in a footnote says the case counts for reporting years 2011
and 2012 are provisional and subject to change.]

New York has reported 8.2 percent of all the Lyme disease cases in the
period January 1 through April 28, 2012. 357 cases of the illness have
been diagnosed this year, an increase over the 339 cases reported in
the same period in 2011. Only four cases have been found in New York
City, though last year there were 143

The New York Times, in a March 2012 story, reported on the large
increase in the tick population throughout the nation
A quote from this article says actually that, "While entomologists say
that the mild weather in much of the country this winter is unlikely
to spawn a tick population explosion this spring and summer, they
suggest that just like humans and dogs, the pesky critters appear to
be enjoying the great outdoors a month or two earlier this year."].
Ticks, primarily the deer tick, carry Lyme disease and can infect both
animals and humans. Downstate New York the lower Hudson valley, New
York City and Long Island have been one of the historic hot spots for
human cases of Lyme disease.

New Jersey leads the nation with 1,677 cases of Lyme disease in 2012,
followed by Pennsylvania with 969. New York borders both states, which
may help account for the higher number of cases in the state this
year. Nine states have over 100 cases, all in New England or the
Mid-Atlantic except for Virginia[, Maryland and Delaware, which are
categorized among the South Atlantic states]

The Centers for Disease Control provide a wealth of information about
Lyme disease on their website [<>]. The New
York State Department of Health also has a website dedicated to Lyme
disease information

[Byline: Charles Simmins]

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