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Veterinary Public Health (VPH) E-Bulletin

ASIA (Bangladesh) Avian Influenza HPAI H5N1A new outbreak of HPAI H5N1 has been reported from a commercial poultry farm near Dhaka. […]
ASIA (Bangladesh) Nipah VirusOut of the twelve infected, 10 people died due to Nipah virus infection including two in Dhaka. […]
NORTH AMERICA (USA) Bovine tuberculosisEleven more cows at a Moses Lake dairy have tested positive for bovine tuberculosis.   […]
ASIA (Hong Kong) Avian Influenza HPAI H5N1A black-headed gull that was collected on 25 January 2013 at Mouse Island children’s playground, Hoi Wing Road, Tuen Mun has been tested positive for H5N1. […]
 To view reported cases of animal diseases visit the EMPRES-I website
EMPRES-i is a global animal health information system of the FAO's EMPRES programme that focuses on the user need to easily find and collect in one place all the information available for animal health and transboundary animal diseases. EMPRES-i compiles, stores and verifies animal diseases outbreaks data (including zoonoses) from numerous sources (e.g. FAO representatives, FAO reports, OIE reports, official government, European Commission, FAO reference centres and laboratories) for early warning and risk analysis.
Genetically Modified AnimalsCanadian authorities have licensed a limited production of "enviro-pigs", animals that have been genetically modified to produce less phosphorus in their faeces. […]
Campylobacter smarter than we thought: ScientistsJanuary 31, 2013. Scientists at the Institute of Food Research have shown that Campylobacter is intelligent to move to environments in which it knows it can survive.[…]
Produce and poultry top sources of foodborne illness, finds reportJanuary 31, 2013. Produce was linked to almost 50% of foodborne illnesses and poultry to more deaths than any other commodity over a decade, according to a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report. […]
Emerging Antibiotic Resistance in Listeria Discovered in Frozen Burger PattieJanuary 13, 2013. Malaysian researchers have revealed the presence of multidrug-resistant strains of Listeria monocytogenes in frozen burger patties taken from supermarkets and other retail shops in Malaysia. […]
FLURISK global survey on surveillance systems for animal influenza virusesFebruary 5, 2013. FLURISK project funded by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) plans to assess capacity for early detection of potentially human pathogenic influenza viruses in animals on a global scale. […]
Can You Predict How a Disease Will Spread in a Population?February 5, 2013. New research has laid the foundation for a new generation of zoonotic disease spreading models, which could allow for more targeted prevention strategies. […]
Scientists Notch a Win in War against Antibiotic-Resistant BacteriaFebruary 4, 2013. A team of scientists just won a battle in the war against antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" by interfering with the metabolism of the bacterial "bugs", E. coli in this case and rendering them weaker in the face of existing antibiotics. […]
Scientists Unveil a Superbug's Secret to Antibiotic ResistanceJanuary 29, 2013. Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have not only identified the mechanism by which vancomycin resistance spreads from one bacterium to the next, but also have suggested ways to potentially stop the transfer.[…]
FAO urges stronger measures on global health threatsJanuary 29, 2013. The world risks a repeat of the disastrous 2006 bird flu outbreaks unless surveillance and control of this and other dangerous animal diseases is strengthened globally, FAO warns. […]
Vaccine Bank in AsiaJanuary 24, 2013. The OIE, with the support of its sub regional representation in Bangkok (Thailand), is currently managing a rabies vaccine bank in Asia that could serve as a model for other regions. […]
Call for Abstracts – World Veterinary Congress 2013The Scientific Committee invites authors to submit abstracts to be considered for inclusion in the programme. Abstract submission deadline - March 31, 2013 […]
Call for Abstracts – ECAWBM The 3rd annual meeting of European College of Animal Welfare and Behavioural Medicine will be conducted from 26th to 29th 2013 at Lisbon, Portugal. Deadline for submitting abstracts: 15th April 2013 [...]

February 15-18, 2013. International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance (IMED 2013), Vienna, Austria […]
February 18-22, 2013. International Sheep Veterinary Congress 2013, Rotorua, New Zealand […]
February 25 – March 1, 2013MISMS Research Workshop on Influenza at the animal-human interface, Padua, Italy […]
February 27-28, 2013. 2nd International Congress of Large Animal Practitioners (ICLAP 2013) at Tehran, Iran […]
March 7-8, 2013. 2nd International Symposium on Neglected Influenza Viruses, Dublin, Ireland […]
March 13-15, 2013. OIE Global Conference on the prudent use of antimicrobial agents for animals, Paris, France. […]
April 13-14, 2013. Global Health and Innovation Conference, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA […]
May 8-11, 2013. International Conference on Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals, Vienna, Austria […]
May 27-31, 2013. Canadian Association of Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (CAVEPM) 2013 Conference at Saskatoon, Canada […]
June 5-8, 2013. XVI International Symposium of the World Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians Berlin, Germany […]
August 14-17, 2013.  Second International Congress on Pathogens at the Human-Animal Interface (ICOPHAI):  One Health for Sustainable Development […]
August 25-29, 2013. AITVM 2013 International conference "The livestock-human-wildlife interface”
Challenges in urban livestock production and extensive farming/conservation systems[…]
September 17-20, 2013. World Veterinary Congress, Prague, Czech Republic […]
September 25-28, 2013. 9th African Dairy Conference and Exhibition, Harare, Zimbabwe […]
September 2013. International Symposium on problems of Listeriosis, Goa, India[…]
April 2-5, 2014. 16th International Congress on Infectious Diseases (ICID), Cape Town, South Africa […]

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2. FAOAIDEnews 84 […]
3. EMPRES Transboundary Animal Diseases Bulletin No. 41 – 2012 […]
4. FAO Animal Production and Health Division e-newsletter 54 […]
5. Assessment of Serosurveys for H5N1 […] 
6. Campylobacter contamination and the relative risk of illness from organic broiler meat in comparison with conventional broiler meat […]
7. Pathogenic Bacteria in Finnish Bulk Tank Milk […]
8. Kudoa septempunctata Invasion Increases the Permeability of Human Intestinal Epithelial Monolayer […]
9. Food Safety Systems in a Small Dairy Factory: Implementation, Major Challenges, and Assessment of Systems' Performances […]
10. Dissemination of Antimicrobial-Resistant Clones of Salmonella enterica Among Domestic Animals, Wild Animals, and Humans […]
11. The Future of Antibiotics and Resistance […]
13. National Borders Effectively Halt the Spread of Rabies: The Current Rabies Epidemic in China Is Dislocated from Cases in Neighboring Countries […]
14. A Single Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST) Scheme for Seven Pathogenic Leptospira species […]
15. Risk Factors and Predictors of Severe Leptospirosis in New Caledonia […]
16. Lessons from HPAI: A technical stocktaking of outputs, outcomes, best practices and lessons learned from the fight against highly pathogenic avian influenza in Asia 2005–2011 […]
17. Evidence for the Source of the 2001 Attack Anthrax […]
18. Good governance and financing of efficient Veterinary Services Scientific and Technical Review 31 (2) […]
19. The Future of Antibiotics and Resistance […]
20. Surveillance for Foodborne Disease Outbreaks — United States, 2009–2010 […]
21. H5N1 virus: Transmission studies resume for avian flu […]
22. Systemic distribution of different low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) viruses in chicken […]
23. Ebola Virus Antibodies in Fruit Bats, Bangladesh […]
24. Campylobacter Infection in Poultry-Processing Workers, Virginia, USA, 2008–2011 […]
25. Influenza A (H5N1) Virus Surveillance at Live Poultry Markets, Cambodia, 201 […]
26. Streptococcus suis and Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, Vietnam […]
16. Spill over: Animal Infection and the Next Human Pandemic […]
27. Risk Perceptions for Avian Influenza Virus Infection among Poultry Workers, China[…]
28. Rift Valley Fever, Sudan, 2007 and 2010 […]
29. Campylobacter Infection in Poultry-Processing Workers, Virginia, USA, 2008–2011 […]

Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine
The school of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California offers a professional degree, the Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM) […]
Emerging Infectious Diseases Fellowship Programme
The Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID) Laboratory Fellowship Program, sponsored by APHL and CDC, trains and prepares scientists for careers in public health laboratories and supports public health initiatives related to infectious disease research. The application deadline for the 2013 program is February 8, 2013.[…]
Cambridge online e-learning institute
Online Certificate in Animal Welfare […]
Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp, Belgium
Master of Science in Tropical Animal Health (in English) from September to July 2013-14 – Scholarships are available for students from developing countries and European Union. Closing date 1-3-2013 […]
University of Minnesota
Engaging Intergovernmental Organisations 2013 is a week long intensive preofessional development programme for mid and senior level government officials[...]

FAO – Policy Officer (Livestock-Resource use Analysis), Rome, Italy […]
IDRC - Senior Program Specialist, Ecosystems and Human Health (Ecohealth), New Delhi and Ottawa   […] […]

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