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Vivisection, the diabolical science

Vivisection, the diabolical science
As we move through this twenty-first century its hard to justify the continued exploitation of animals used in vivisection. As the human body reacts differently to diseases and pathogens then other species, there is no true correlation between each unique animal and Homo sapiens. No amount of insipid, sugary double talk and toothy bedazzling smiles can change this basic fact. In reality, animal research has diminished the ability and success of scientist seeking to explore medical anomalies.
Not only is vivisection flawed but is has been alleged there is at least "50 deadly consequences of lab animal experiments."

The medical advances that have been made account for a mere 3.5% reduction in the deaths of humans in the twentieth century. That is a dismal success rate and the unwarranted loss of animals' lives is staggering. Researchers are causing the death of a laboratory animals at a shocking rate.
Scientists have no regard or respect for the intrinsic value of animals or their lives. They practice species-ism and garbled allusions to validate their acts. For example consider this inane explanation for their experiments. They so condescendingly explain that researchers must use animals because they are very similar to humans, but then it is okay to test on them because they aren't human.
Which is it?
No sentient being can be extremely similar to a human and ever so different at the same time.
How pathetic these vivisectors are. Do they actually assume there is a remote possibly the public would buy this stagnant, moronic and embarrassing rhetoric?
Animals have lost their inherent rights and these humans, the vivisectors, are responsible and accountable for the misery these creatures are forced to endure.
This flawed and shameful practice is well hidden from the public. Laboratories without windows are carefully located in basements or areas not easily accessible to public scrutiny. Researchers top priority is to present an illusion of decency and purpose, while hiding the smarmy, egregious and self-serving atrocities they inflict on animals.
You can't deny actual statistics. "Tens of millions (some estimate in excess of 25 million) of animals in the US suffer, die, or are killed each year in laboratories for biomedical experimentation, product and cosmetic testing, and for science education." http://www.neavs.org/about/vivisection
Our government now spends billions of tax dollars funding this abhorrent industry that has proven to be whimsical in its pursuits. Vivisectors blatantly deceive those that question their success with fallacious information.
If questioned about their research or experiments they reply with terms that sound like intangible metaphors: a creature suffering in pain and agony is merely in distress.
How is that okay?
They say vivisectors never kill animals, they sacrifice them.
How very noble and impressive is that nonsense?
This is how they maneuver around reality, using ambiguous words to hide their misdeeds. This may appease the conscience and values of general public but the integrity of those that seek the truth, the activists, are not deceived.
Vivisectors also lie by omission. You will never hear them mention they cut the vocal cords of their captive and brutalized animals. They most certainly don't want to be annoyed by animals screaming in agony, while strapped down and mutilated with various savage instruments or chemicals.

"Billions of non-human animals have been burnt, crushed, sliced, electrocuted, poisoned with toxic chemicals, and psychologically tormented in the name of scientific curiosity. What have we learned from all of this suffering? That animal research is inherently unethical, inevitably wasteful, and wholly unreliable "http://www.lcanimal.org/index.php/campaigns/class-b-dealers-and-pet-theft/vivisectionanimals-in-research
Vivisection is one of the biggest scams humans have contrived and in a wanton bid to profligate from repetitive and flawed tests on living sentient animals. Approximately 18 billion dollars via government grants (our tax dollars) is doled out every year to these unscrupulous vivisectors. Their goal is one, not of scientific merit, but instead a merciless attempt to have their work recognized and published. The shocking vapidity of these empty and insensate humans is unacceptable and must cease.
"Time, money, and resources devoted to these experiments could have gone to human-based research. Clinical studies, in vitro research, autopsies, post-marketing drug surveillance, computer modeling, epidemiology, and genetic research pose no hazard to humans and provide accurate results. Importantly, animal experiments have exhausted resources that could have been dedicated to educating the public about health hazards and health maintenance, therein diminishing the incidence of disease that require treatment. "

Sheep may be able to swallow a great deal of arsenic without any ill effects, but that doesn't correlate to vivisectors pulling the wool over our eyes. This is an intolerable and onerous practice. If you aren't outraged right now then you must be in this business, this monstrous edifice from hell. This is an atrocity contrived to be a science. In reality it is the ultimate horror for animals and a blood stained money tree for vivisectors that breathes and dies with silent shrieks on its breath.
Every second an animal dies in a vivisectors laboratory.
Tick-tick, tick-tick, on and on it will continue until someone finally sets the alarm and we all wake up.
~Linda Beane
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