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Novo foco de Febre Aftosa no Japão!!!!!

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Date: Thu 2 Sep 2, 2010
Source: AFP via The Straights Times (Singapore) [edited]

Japan discovered a suspected case of foot-and-mouth disease [FMD] in a cow in its southern prefecture of Miyazaki, just days after it lifted a state of emergency, an official said.

"We cancelled 2 auctions of cows in the prefecture after a suspected case of foot and mouth was discovered on a farm," a prefecture official told AFP.

The region reported the case to the farm ministry and was awaiting the test result to determine whether it is a fresh FMD case.

The highly contagious virus, which [extremely] rarely affects humans but sickens cloven-hoofed animals, had forced the suspension of meat sales from Miyazaki prefecture and the slaughter of almost 300 000 farm animals this year [2010].

But the prefectural government on Tuesday [31 Aug 2010] lifted a state of emergency, allowing trade of cows in the region to resume.

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[Confirmation or otherwise is expected soon. - Mod.AS]

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