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USDA releases Salmonella action plan

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service earlier this week released a ten-point action plan to address Salmonella, which USDA estimates causes 1.3 million illnesses annually.
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“Far too many Americans are sickened by Salmonella every year. The aggressive and comprehensive steps detailed in theSalmonella Action Plan will protect consumers by making meat and poultry products safer.” said Under Secretary for Food Safety Elisabeth Hagen.

The plan will function as the agency’s strategy to address the threat of the pathogen in meat and poultry products, and FSIS identifies modernizing the “outdated” poultry slaughter inspection system as a top priority. According to FSIS, by focusing on inspectors’ food safety duties, approximately 5,000 illnesses could be prevented each year. In addition to modernizing poultry slaughter inspection protocols, FSIS committed to enhancingSalmonella sampling and testing programs to ensure “that these programs factor in the latest scientific information and account for emerging trends in foodborne illness."
FSIS says there is evidence that pork products contribute toSalmonella illness and commits to publishing a directive of instructions for FSIS inspection personnel on the verification activities related to sanitary dressing procedures in hog slaughter operations. FSIS will explore developing a Salmonella sampling program for pork products.  
In all, the action plan identifies 10 steps to be taken to address Salmonella, including reviewing in-plant strategies, reviewing protocols related to posting Salmonella categories online, developing and implementing additional performance standards related to poultry and pork products, developing a new enforcement strategy, eploring the contribution of lymph nodes to Salmonella contamination, synthesizing information related to poultry and beef pre-harvest interventions and focusing on education and outreach tools that could help reduce Salmonella illnesses.
To review the Salmonella Action Plan, click here

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