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Transmissible Diseases Handbook

Transmissible Diseases Handbook

The fourth edition of the Transmissible Diseases Handbook, compiled by the Infectious Diseases Working Group (IDWG) was published in February 2010 by the European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians (EAZWV). EAZA strongly supported the release and distributed the handbook as a CD-ROM to all of its members. It has also been made available to the authorities of SANCO in Brussels, members of the EU Animal Health Strategy Committee, the CVOs (Central Veterinary Officers) of all 27 EU Member States and the OIE.

The handbook summarises information on various diseases: susceptible animals, zoonotic potential, clinical symptoms, pathology, diagnostic methods, qualified laboratories, treatment, prevention, experts who may be consulted, legislation (especially European laws) and relevant literature. From this page you can download the individual chapters of the handbook, the relevant European decisions, directives and regulations, and 133 fact sheets in a standardised format.
Editor: Jacques Kaandorp (j.kaandorp[at]beeksebergen.nl)
Co-editors: Norin Chai, Ayla Bayens

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