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Curso on line sobre Doenças Emergentes (em inglês)

Excelente recurso educativo on line totalmente gratuito para aqueles interessados em Doenças Emergentes podem acessar a partir do link abaixo:

Welcome!. Below, you'll see links to the lectures which you can view in any order at your convenience. To view the lectures, you will need to download RealPlayer software. You can access the course online, via this web-site, or purchase the accompanying CDs. RealPlayer 8 Basic is included on the CDs. Instructions for using RealPlayer™ can be found here. Each lecture also has a link to notes and sample questions. If you have any questions concerning overall course management please contact Dr. X. J. Meng. I wish to thank Dr. Thomas Toth, Emeritus Professor of Virology, who develop the original course.


  1. Definition of Emerging Disease - Elvinger
  2. Emerging Disease Patterns - Elvinger
  3. Pathology of Emerging Infectious Diseases - Smith BJ
  4. Emerging Food Borne Diseases due to Global Ecological, Economical, and Trade Changes - Pelzer
  5. Antibiotics: Use, Misuse, and Resistance - Johnson
  6. Emerging Zoonotic Bacterial Pathogens - Inzana TJ
  7. Emerging Infectious Diseases in Horses Serious problems in the past 25 years - Robertson
  8. Emerging Equine Diseases - Bowen
  9. Recent Emerging Viral Diseases of Swine: Risks of Zoonosis and Xenozoonosis - Meng
  10. Emerging Diseases of Poultry - Pierson
  11. Emerging Diseases in Fish and Wildlife Introduction and Importance to Agriculture - Driscoll
  12. Morbillivirus Infections in Aquatic Mammals - Pfeiffer
  13. Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis - Hueston
  14. Influenza Viruses - Pérez
  15. West Nile Virus in the U.S.: People and Horses 1999-2005 - Toth

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